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03 Feb 2016

Want 11 Questions to Guarantee Best Sex Ever?

Posted By: xxxchar

Most people think they know how to make their partners happy.  Sadly, that is not always the case.  In an effort to avoid hurt feelings and conflict they don’t speak up about what they really want.The answers you receive from asking these questions will give you a ton of insight into what will Guarantee Best Sex Ever.

Here are the Questions</H2>

  1. What made the best experiences you ever had the best? It can be something from the relationship the two of you share or a different one. (Remember, it is the experience, not the person.) Is this something you want us to try?
  2. How do you define a perfect sex life?  In a perfect world by your definition what would happen?  When?  Where?
  3. Are there any parts of your body that you want touched more often? A special way you like them to be touched
  4. How much sex is just right for you? Be realistic
  5. What do we do that you love? What about it do you love?  You might not realize how much your partner enjoys something you already do
  6. Are there things that we have done in the past that you’d like to do again? Or is there something you did in the past but haven’t tried in a long time
  7. Are there things I could do more (outside the bedroom) that would put you in the mood?
  8. Is there anything we haven’t done or don’t do enough? Often we are very creative when we first start a sexual relationship, then as time goes on it starts turning into a routine and the variety becomes limited.  Find out if there is something your partner misses.
  9. What is  something you’ve always wanted to try and never have? After hearing their answer this is a great time to speak up and share your fantasies, opening a door that may not have a chance, otherwise.
  10. Is there a scene from from a movie that really turns you on? Movies have a way of affecting us; mentally, emotionally and of course sexualy. Maybe even offer to reinact the scene.
  11. Do you have any questions you want to ask me?  The idea of what you are sharing and the tone of the questions should be pretty obviously set by the previous questions. Hopefuly, this opens the door to a whole new level of intimacy you are able to share.

One More Tip</H2>

Spending time with an experienced escort gives you an opportunity to explore activities you might not feel confident trying with your partner.  You can test them out with a professional first and then, if things go well, you can introduce them into your relationship.  If you figure out it really doesn’t suit you, then it can be dismissed without always having the question in the back of your mind. Trying things out first just might guarantee the best sex ever.


Guarantee Best Sex

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