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11 Jan 2016

Are you a man who wants to be really good in bed?

Posted By: xxxchar

We’ve all had the good and bad sex moments, so you certainly aren’t alone in this quest.
Unfortunately, a lot of men suck in bed mainly because they are selfish and only care about themselves and blowing their load. Most men never indicate interest in how their sex partner feels, what she likes, and or what she wants.

Here are some tips on how to be really good in bed:

Every woman loves to feel like the most beautiful in your world. Be sure to always compliment your partner, tell her how beautiful she is, and try always to be compassionate and understanding. Compliments go a very long way in helping the sexual aspect of a relationship.

Don’t forget to set the perfect foundation for an awesome experience. Don’t jump straight into the intercourse without playing a little with your partner. Start by gradually kissing her all over her body.

Oral sex:
Many men never ask, and sadly women don’t always say. But women like oral just as men do. Find your partners G-spot, learn about oral sex, don’t be shy to ask questions and take time to listen to their requests.

Mix it up:
Fulfill your fantasies, try out new things and new positions. This helps to keep everything in bed brand new and exciting. You could encounter a new spot or position that will make your partner go nuts. Keep things exciting and surprising once in awhile.

A good escort knows these things. A great escort can show you these things and more.

Do you know some ways a man can be Really Good In Bed? I would love to hear them. Leave your suggestions in the comments below. (Please, don’t be too graphic or your comment will not be posted.)

2 responses to “Are you a man who wants to be really good in bed?”

  1. Hubert says:

    Keep the old sentence up..ladies first..nothing more sexy than a Charity McLain watching and feeling while she gets an orgasm

    Love your comments.
    Your body is really hot and I miss your porn shoots. It seems as if you are a sexy combination of brain and body.
    And you are a very good poser. A lot of sexy pictures.
    Will you do porn shoots again?

    Greetings from the porn country number two – germany

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