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11 Jan 2016

Are you a man who wants to be really good in bed?

Posted By: xxxchar

We’ve all had the good and bad sex moments, so you certainly aren’t alone in this quest. Unfortunately, a lot of men suck in bed mainly because they are selfish and only care about themselves and blowing their load. Most […]

20 Jan 2016

20 Amazing Facts About Porn You Probably Never Knew

Posted By: xxxchar

With AVN (AEE) in Las Vegas this week it only seems natural to share some fun information about the industry. Some people seem to be outspoken against porn. However, porn is presently the most profitable industry in the world and […]

03 Feb 2016

Want 11 Questions to Guarantee Best Sex Ever?

Posted By: xxxchar

Most people think they know how to make their partners happy.  Sadly, that is not always the case.  In an effort to avoid hurt feelings and conflict they don’t speak up about what they really want.The answers you receive from […]