Curious about Charity McLain?


You do not NEED to be here.

You have a strong desire.

You appreciate beauty on many levels.

Quality is important to you.

You are kind and respectful.

Confident women excite you.


Internet junkie. Writer. Martini expert. Organizer. Sexiness advocate.

I am your friend and confidant.

I am committed to providing a memorable experience based on your unique preferences and tailored to you as an individual.

I am your fantasy. Your secrets are my priority. Proof is in the details.

I am your escape.

What Others Have To Say

“It might sound funny for a guy to say, but she made me feel like I was special”



Fitness Guy

“She is very well toned, athletic, and sexy”

Tuxedo Scotch Cigar


“ it was like we were old friends”

Bearded Thinking Man

“Be in Vegas is like to be in a candy store, so many choices and this one was fantastic…”

Smiley Young Asian Guy

“Poised, stunning, rocking body, incredible …, extremely intelligent, down-to-Earth and fun to talk with”

Cool Glasses Guy

“very intelligent and worldly and can talk to her about anything, she also has a great sense of humor, it was just delightful”


Smoking Man

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